about rachel


Rachel Novak moved to California to continue her multifaceted singing career. She began her career in East TN and Nashville areas focused on acting with several student films and pilots at the young age of 8.  One of her early favorite stage performances was modeling and singing as her then inspired Hannah Montana character in front of hundreds.  Her career turned to stage and freeze modeling with help from her coach and former Sears and JC Penny model --her mother Julie.  


Through continued training with Ambiance Models & Talent and her Nashville agent Darlene McDowell,  Rachel's opportunities continued to grow.   Soon she turned to her true passion--- singing.   The Riverbend festival stage in Chattanooga TN would be a turning point in her career.  After the performance, Rachel stated, "I know this is what I was born to do. I want to go around the world singing to my fans."


At the age of 11, Rachel began working with Karen Alayne from Fireball Music.  Karen had trained and helped Lauren Alaina secure her spot in American Idol history by placing second.  Karen noted the first time she met Rachel that she was not just a singer but also a performer.  Rachel would for the next 4 years perform at numerous pageants, festivals, and events across southeastern US including singing the National Anthem at sporty events.  Rachel is proud to say that no team has lost when she sings-- in June of 2014 one of the starting pitchers even threw a no hitter.


While expanding her career to hip hop dancing in the Atlanta area with local choreographers, Carl and Natassia Harris, Rachel continued developing her voice with Jan Smith Studios.  Mama Jan, as she is affectionately called, is known for helping expand Usher's career and helping start Justin Bieber's career.  She is known as one of the nations best vocal coaches and currently works with other top acts like The Band Perry, Drake, and Matchbox 20.


Appearances on Lifetime's Kim of Queens and a new pilot called The Diva Mom, has kept Rachel busy along with way.  She came close to landing spots in several music videos and TV shows but her continued growth as a teenager made her taller than her would be counter parts.  At 5 ft 6, Rachel hopes to grow at least two more inches to open the door as a runway model.


Rachel always knew that California would someday be called home so along with her mother and father, Jim, and her three cats, Rachel moved November 2014 to the west coast to expand yet another chapter of her career and grow as an artist.  "It's about the end result.  The journey may take time, but in the end it's about fulfilling my dream that started many years ago to travel around the world singing to my fans. Anything that happens along the way just adds to my dreams."


While in California, Rachel has worked with vocal trainers Ametria Dock and Judith Morgan. Rachel currently works closely with Grammy-nominated writer and producer, Brandon "Blue" Hamilton, to help complete her own product. She is working on various video and recording projects and has released two original songs in 2016, which can be downloaded or streamed from any of your favorite streaming sites!