This past Friday, August 21st Rachel made headlines in Elk Grove Citizen Newspaper! She has been in their paper numerous times this year, but this article has been the biggest one yet! To read the full article, click the link below!  If you have trouble finding it, just head over to Rachel's twitter @RachelNovak6 or Facebook Page for the direct link to the article! Rachel posted this photo on multiple social media sites and quoted:

"I was in the paper again today! a huuuuge article done by Raina LeGarreta and photos taken by Laura Bemis! Thank you so much for this amazing interview, it truly was great! to read the full article, click this link! http://www.egcitizen.com/articles/2015/08/21/lifestyle/doc55d7badb4c0a6032325370.txt it's so nice to know that I can go from a small town in Georgia where I was an outkast, unwanted, and unwelcomed, to a big town in the state of California where everyone loves and supports me through it all! I truly feel blessed to be able to be where I am today, and I only hope to go further! thank you to the few people who have loved and supported me since the very beginning, and still do, you have no idea how special you are to me❤and you know who you are! I also want to thank all of those people who DIDNT believe in me, who DIDNT support me, because your hate only made me want to work harder, and look where it's gotten me smile emoticon This is only the beginning! I have sooo much more coming your way this year and next, so be ready! I love you guys so much, my fans are truly the best because without the fans, where would I be? Just like one of my favourite songs of all time quotes, "Where would I be, if you didn't believe?" So thank you soo so much to everyone who has believed in me! I love you all! This is just the start of an amazing journey, and I can't wait for you to see what's next😉 #rachelnovak #rachanators #elkgrove #california #believe #iloveyouall"